Perfectly Imperfect

What’s wrong with imperfection, anyway?

Do you strive for perfection?

Or, you know someone who does.

It can take some people a lifetime to realise perfection doesn't actually exist.


Moving abroad is exciting. But after a while, you get familiar with your new surroundings. The familiarity can bring forward the things you don't like about your new home.


You start to think it's not perfect after all.

It's not turning out the way you had imagined.


I often hear expats complaining about the stuff they don't like. I've done it, I'm sure I have. 


Over time, I've learnt to let go of anything that annoys me. I've come to accept that nowhere is ever going to be perfect. I've come to accept that I will never be perfect either. This has made life so much simpler. It has made me concentrate on the important parts of life. I'm not wasting my time faffing around with all the pointless crap. It means I can give my time to the people who are important to me.


Having said this, there are always going to be tasks or situations that are worth spending time on. Your job might be one of them for example. Decorating your house might be another one.


It's important to remember that different people have different priorities when it comes to how well they do something. My idea of perfect is different to your idea of perfect.

Looking for perfection

People like you and I are always looking for something better.


Take my situation as an example. 


Yes, the UK is a great place to live. I feel incredibly lucky to have been born and breed there.

But I've been looking to live somewhere else for a long time.

At some point in my search, it's true that I've been looking for somewhere better.

I realise now, it was a complete waste of time.

Yup, a complete and utter waste of my effort looking and researching - for somewhere better.


Of course it wasn't really a waste of time. I'm being a drama queen to make my blog sound better.


I learnt a lot and it was part of my journey to the present. 


I was actually looking somewhere different.


I've moved to a place where it's more accessible to do the things I like doing. It's not better here. It's just different and the way it's different here, suits me.

Imagine ...

Imagine if we were all perfect.

We'd do the right things all the time.

We'd all be rich or at least have what we want.

We'd all be where we want to be.

We'd all know the things we want to know.


We'd all be ... Boring and bored!


It does sound great if we were all perfect in our perfect lives.

But how boring would life be if this were true?


Your imperfections make your life interesting. It makes you strive towards your goals. It gives you a reason to live.


I stay curious because I'm a long way from being perfect. It makes sure I learn something new each and every day.


It brings out the best in us. Imperfection means we are  always trying to be better, stronger, faster and more amazing.

Instead, be happy

If perfection was possible, we'd all be perfect people. Perfect people wouldn’t need new ideas. Again, this would get quite boring.


Instead, why not just accept you for who you are. Accept where you are too. Especially if you've chosen to move abroad.


Always keep that in mind the next time you beat yourself up for something.

View your imperfection as something that makes you unique. How cool is that?


When you make a mistake, put it down to experience and move on.

Move on stronger and wiser.


Hopefully, you'll learn from that mistake and try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

Not perfect, but ...

I can tell you that France is far from perfect.


This is where I exaggerate ...

  • You can't go shopping at lunchtime. Every where's closed. (This isn't actually true anymore)
  • You can't find out any information until you've already made the mistake you've tried to avoid. (This isn't true either)
  • Their driving is scarier than in the UK but less scary than in Spain. (No comment 😉)
  • If you don't eat meat or fish, you'll perfect asking for an omelette in a restaurant. If you're vegan - I wish you the best of luck. (Unfortunately this is still true) 

Despite all this, I bloody love it here. I love the people. We found it so easy to integrate. I'm still overwhelmed by how welcoming and kind my new friends are. (So very true 😀 )


Am I lucky? YES.


Am I bothered about the imperfections? NOT ONE BIT.


Moving to a new country is hard.

One trick I've learnt is to find something endearing about the frustrating things. Have a laugh about it. Take the mickey out of yourself. You're the foreigner. It was your choice to moved there. You're the one who must work at accepting the imperfections you think are there.


This helps and has made my life so much easier.

I wish I'd learnt to be less harsh on myself and my life years ago.

It's never too late.

I'm perfectly imperfect and I'm living a perfectly imperfect life.

It's just so perfect.

What about you?

When you moved to another country, what bugged you? What did you do to accept the imperfections?

Knock yourself out and leave a message below.

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