Changing Your Life

Most people have at least one wish or desire to change something in their life. What might be strange is the number of people who don’t make any changes. The number one reason for not attaining a certain goal is often put down to lack of motivation. There are some people who would say this is a lack of effort as opposed to a lack of motivation.


Let’s take a look at some reasons why people don’t put the effort into making a lifestyle change.

I'm going to use myself as an example. In case you don't me, I'm a Brit living in France. So, I'm talking from experience of moving abroad. That being said, it's one of the biggest changes you can make. As you're someone interested in improving your English, your obviously trying to change something in your life.


1. A reason

In order to make any type of change in your life you need to have a good reason to do so.

Having a goal is wonderful but the reason you have to reach that goal is probably more important. If you want to change your life and live abroad then you need to have a reason for doing so.


Reasons could include;

  • Wanting a slower pace of life.
  • To live somewhere warmer.
  • For more opportunities.
  • For different opportunities.
  • For the shear fun of it.
  • To be with someone you love.
  • And there are of course many more.


2. Setting realistic goals
The expectations of a new life abroad is a perfect example here. If you think life is greener on the other side, you'll be in for a shock! If you think you'll make friends easily, find a job without a problem and magically learn the lingo - good luck my friend. Instead if you set realistic goals, you'll find the transition a lot more satisfying. If you reach more goals quicker, good on you. Keep on achieving. If you find yourself struggling, just focus on something else and come back to it later.


3. Have vision baby!
Having a vision of what you want is a great way to stay motivated. This is why many people recommend keeping track of your goals. This can be done in various ways depending upon your goal. If your goal is to make friends using your new language skills, keep a log of your progress.

Remind yourself why it is important to you.

You can keep a journal or blog of your journey. This way you can see what you are struggling with and what you are accomplishing.

Have you ever tried a Bullet Journal? I've started one. In the future, I'll let you know how it's going. Sneaky preview here  -it's not going too well. But that's another podcast.


4. No support network
No support network is another reason why many people don’t make the effort to change their lives.

Getting the support from family and friends can really make a world of difference to your goals.

Simple encouragement and accountability could make or break your goal.



Taking the time to think about these factors will help you reach your goals. You'll find that you have both the drive and commitment to finally make those lifestyle changes you have dreamed about.

Well that's it for now, thank you very much for listening. I hope you managed to follow the podcast. Let me know if I'm speaking clear enough.

By the way, if you're an advanced English speaker, please don't ask me to speak faster. As this is my normal speaking speed. Thanks.

See you next time ... 😜

Over to you. How did you cope with a big change in your life?

Did you develop any coping mechanisms?

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