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You've been learning English for some time now.

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But now, you want to live it, breath it and take it to the next level!


Great! You're in the right place.


Here, you will learn English through self-improvement. The idea is to USE English to learn life skills.

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Hi, I'm Marie. I'm a native Brit.

I've been inspiring non-natives to use English since 2007. I'm not like other teachers who go on about grammar and blaa blaa blaa. BORING! That's why I call myself a coach. There are a lot of ways you can learn English. You can learn it freely on the internet. A coach will take you a step further. A coach shows you how to use English.

I strongly believe the best way to learn any language is by using it. Making lots mistakes comes as standard. Then you can feel great about making real progress.

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Why lessons from English Coach Marie?

You choose when to learn

Once you purchase an e-book, you can complete them when you want. You don't need to book times. Or course there are FREE e-books too!

You choose where to learn

With no set lessons times, you're free to learn where ever you want to. On the beach, in a hotel, at home, in bed. It's up to you.

Learn real English

The main topic is self-improvement. You will learn real-life expressions and everyday words. You'll learn English you can actually use.

Learn from a qualified and experienced coach

I qualified to teach English as a second language in 2007. I'm a language learner too. I've discovered lots of different ways to learn and I want to share them with you.

Get personal feedback

For a little extra cost, I can personally correct your writing and speaking. You'll receive helpful advice on how to improve further. 

Take the lessons with you anywhere you feel inspired

You learn better when you're inspired. It means you have a great feeling about what you are learning. You can complete a lesson or two whilst relaxing or on holiday.

No need for fast internet access.

You just need enough speed to download e-Books.

You have time to be creative

E-mail lessons are very relaxed. You get the chance to think deeper and research your answers. You can get creative and take your time to learn.

Take your career or business to the next level

E-mail, instant messages and comments are all important for businesses. Bad grammar and hard to read text can make you sound unprofessional. By learning to write smarter, your multi-lingual talents will be in high demand!

You can download FREE e-Books

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Become a super confident writer

I have no doubt you'll become a super confident writer. No more fears of making a comment on Facebook or on your favourite blog post. Well, you may even start your own blog! Yeah!

Full support as and when you need it

Hey, baby! I'm here for you! You're not alone and if you're stuck, I'll be delighted to help you. - That's what I'm here for 😊

How does it work?

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